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Fearsome Fangs print {TIMED PRESALE}


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SIZE: The finished piece measures approximately 9" x 8" edge to edge without a border, and will be printed on archival matte paper.

COST: Prints will be sold for a flat £25 with FREE shipping in the United States. Conversion rates tend to fluctuate but £25 equals approximately $33.

QUANTITY: Total LE will be determined by how many prints are ordered during the one week presale window. They will not be reprinted again.

Presale begins Monday October 19th and runs through Tuesday October 27th 7:00pm EST

A couple additional things you may need to know. Since PayPal does not allow presales over 20 days, PayPal will not be a checkout option. For the duration of this presale you will only be able to purchase prints and other in stock items from the shop using a credit or debit card. Keeping in mind that some people choose to only use PayPal we will order a small number of extra prints to put up in the shop after the preorder is over. At that time you'd be able to purchase as an in stock item and pay using PayPal.

Once the preorder window comes to a close we will place the order for the prints and we're estimating it will be around 1-2 weeks after that before I have them in hand and ready to ship out to you. Should things change due to the printer or for any other reason we will definitely keep you updated.

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