Nelson the Axolotl Monster


  • Image of Nelson the Axolotl Monster
  • Image of Nelson the Axolotl Monster
  • Image of Nelson the Axolotl Monster

3" vinyl sticker

-- Scratch resistant satin UV coating protects against fading, cracking or peeling.
-- Waterproof adhesive - won't come off in the rain, snow or on the side of a boat! They can even be run through the dishwasher.
-- Easy to peel silicon coated backing paper protects the adhesive until you're ready to put your sticker on something.

7.00 pm: the lights turn out and the little bell on the door rings for some seconds after the old man closed the shop.

"Finally - Nelson, the axolotl monster, mutters under his breath, getting out of his hiding place - Let's get down to business".

He moves around the big seashell in the back of his aquarium to reveal the seaweeds where he writes down his escape plan. Actually, plans, PLURAL. He unsuccessfully tried so many, but he never gives up.

All the others axolotl, they don't understand: they just show up with big, silly smiles on their faces and happily let people tapping on the glass and calling them names.

"Not me - declares him, examining his plans and messy notes - Not one day more of this".
Everyday, when the pet shop closes, he works on his big plan. And when the morning comes and the door opens again, bringing the owner, the customers and the damn kids he doesn't get discouraged. He just hides again behind some rocks and tell himself:"Don't give up. Tomorrow is The Day. I can feel it".

Two things he knows for sure: he won't ever be bought. And someday, soon, he will be finally free.
Written by Roberta Bussola

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