About Us


Meet Emi Giovannini, the mind and artist behind EmiMonster Art.
Born and raised in Italy, Emi recently relocated to the UK where she shares a life with partner Tim, and their kitten Mirtilla.
Emi graduated with honours from Bologna Academy of Fine Art in 2018.
She draws and paints a wide variety of subject matter, also she works as writer and director on various video projects with the Italian filmmaking outfit 'Fawnclip'.
Current projects include custom pieces both for individuals as well as collectives who use her original artworks to create enamel pins.
Here at EmiMonsterArt.com you will find an eclectic mix of Emi's original creations in the form of stickers, pins, one of a kind illustrations, paintings and more.

Miranda Zelenka Isenberg

As Emi's (self proclaimed) number one fan, Miranda works hard to keep the gears that run this monstrous operation turning.
With over 10 years of experience running all aspects of an online business, she's more than qualified to tackle all of EmiMonster's packing and shipping needs. In addition to sending out your purchases, Miranda also serves as admin for Emi's Facebook group and head of the monster naming committee. All of this and more keep her busy making sure everything behind the scenes runs smoothly so that Emi can continue to create art for her fans around the clock.