Ainsley the Pastel Monster


  • Image of Ainsley the Pastel Monster
  • Image of Ainsley the Pastel Monster

3" vinyl sticker

-- Scratch resistant satin UV coating protects against fading, cracking or peeling.
-- Waterproof adhesive - won't come off in the rain, snow or on the side of a boat! They can even be run through the dishwasher.
-- Easy to peel silicon coated backing paper protects the adhesive until you're ready to put your sticker on something.

Ainsley is a dreamer. He spends hours wandering around in the woods and looking at the clouds, mesmerized by their unique shapes and colours. His favourite thing ever is stargazing: he knows everything about constellations, galaxies and astronomy in general. He also believes in horoscope and, because of that, he NEVER trusts a Scorpio. His house is painted in pink and almost everything he owns is glittery. He's also bubbly and outgoing and he never stops chatting: such a typical Gemini.
Written by Roberta Bussola

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